[X86] Correct dwarf unwind information in function epilogue

Authored by petarj on Jun 28 2017, 3:21 AM.


[X86] Correct dwarf unwind information in function epilogue

CFI instructions that set appropriate cfa offset and cfa register are now
inserted in emitEpilogue() in X86FrameLowering.

Majority of the changes in this patch:

  1. Ensure that CFI instructions do not affect code generation.
  2. Enable maintaining correct information about cfa offset and cfa register

in a function when basic blocks are reordered, merged, split, duplicated.

These changes are target independent and described below.

Changed CFI instructions so that they:

  1. are duplicable
  2. are not counted as instructions when tail duplicating or tail merging
  3. can be compared as equal

Add information to each MachineBasicBlock about cfa offset and cfa register
that are valid at its entry and exit (incoming and outgoing CFI info). Add
support for updating this information when basic blocks are merged, split,
duplicated, created. Add a verification pass (CFIInfoVerifier) that checks
that outgoing cfa offset and register of predecessor blocks match incoming
values of their successors.

Incoming and outgoing CFI information is used by a late pass
(CFIInstrInserter) that corrects CFA calculation rule for a basic block if
needed. That means that additional CFI instructions get inserted at basic
block beginning to correct the rule for calculating CFA. Having CFI
instructions in function epilogue can cause incorrect CFA calculation rule
for some basic blocks. This can happen if, due to basic block reordering,
or the existence of multiple epilogue blocks, some of the blocks have wrong
cfa offset and register values set by the epilogue block above them.

Patch by Violeta Vukobrat.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D18046

llvm-svn: 306529