[SampleFDO] Add use-sample-profile function attribute.

Authored by wmi on May 14 2020, 12:05 PM.


[SampleFDO] Add use-sample-profile function attribute.

When sampleFDO is enabled, people may expect they can use
-fno-profile-sample-use to opt-out using sample profile for a certain file.
That could be either for debugging purpose or for performance tuning purpose.
However, when thinlto is enabled, if a function in file A compiled with
-fno-profile-sample-use is imported to another file B compiled with
-fprofile-sample-use, the inlined copy of the function in file B may still
get its profile annotated.

The inconsistency may even introduce profile unused warning because if the
target is not compiled with explicit debug information flag, the function
in file A won't have its debug information enabled (debug information will
be enabled implicitly only when -fprofile-sample-use is used). After it is
imported into file B which is compiled with -fprofile-sample-use, profile
annotation for the outline copy of the function will fail because the
function has no debug information, and that will trigger profile unused

We add a new attribute use-sample-profile to control whether a function
will use its sample profile no matter for its outline or inline copies.
That will make the behavior of -fno-profile-sample-use consistent.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D79959


wmiJun 2 2020, 5:23 PM
Differential Revision
D79959: [SampleFDO] Add use-sample-profile function attribute
rG2d2a603d6633: Remove redundant code (NFC)