AMDGPU: Rename add/sub with carry out instructions

Authored by arsenm on Jul 14 2020, 6:18 AM.


AMDGPU: Rename add/sub with carry out instructions

The hardware has created a real mess in the naming for add/sub, which
have been renamed basically every generation. Switch the carry out
pseudos to have the gfx9/gfx10 names. We were using the original SI/CI
v_add_i32/v_sub_i32 names. Later targets reintroduced these names as
carryless instructions with a saturating clamp bit, which we do not
define. Do this rename so we can unambiguously add these missing

The carry-in versions should also be renamed, but at least those had a
consistent _u32 name to begin with. The 16-bit instructions were also
renamed, but aren't ambiguous.

This does regress assembler error message quality in some cases. In
mismatched wave32/wave64 situations, this will switch from
"unsupported instruction" to "invalid operand", with the error
pointing at the wrong position. I couldn't quite follow how the
assembler selects these, but the previous behavior seemed accidental
to me. It looked like there was a partial attempt to handle this which
was never completed (i.e. there is an AMDGPUOperand::isBoolReg but it
isn't used for anything).


arsenmJul 16 2020, 10:16 AM
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