[TargetLowering] Add SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits

Authored by RKSimon on Jul 23 2019, 5:39 AM.


[TargetLowering] Add SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits

This patch introduces the DAG version of SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits, which attempts to peek through ops (mainly and/or/xor so far) that don't contribute to the demandedbits/elts of a node - which means we can do this even in cases where we have multiple uses of an op, which normally requires us to demanded all bits/elts. The intention is to remove a similar instruction - SelectionDAG::GetDemandedBits - once SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits has matured.

The InstCombine version of SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits can constant fold which I haven't added here yet, and so far I've only wired this up to some basic binops (and/or/xor/add/sub/mul) to demonstrate its use.

We do see a couple of regressions that need to be addressed:

    AMDGPU unsigned dot product codegen retains an AND mask (for ZERO_EXTEND) that it previously removed (but otherwise the dotproduct codegen is a lot better).
    X86/AVX2 has poor handling of vector ANY_EXTEND/ANY_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG - it prematurely gets converted to ZERO_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG.

The code owners have confirmed its ok for these cases to fixed up in future patches.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D63281

llvm-svn: 366799


RKSimonJul 23 2019, 5:39 AM
Differential Revision
D63281: [TargetLowering] Add SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits
rG7c35db086551: Fix windows build after r366791