[MC] [Win64EH] Canonicalize ARM64 unwind opcodes
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Authored by mstorsjo on Sep 7 2020, 4:45 AM.


[MC] [Win64EH] Canonicalize ARM64 unwind opcodes

Convert 2-byte opcodes to equivalent 1-byte ones.

Adjust the existing exhaustive testcase to avoid being altered by
the simplification rules (to keep that test exercising all individual

Fix the assembler parser limits for register pairs; for .seh_save_regp
and .seh_save_regp_x, we can allow up to x29, for a x29+x30 pair
(which gets remapped to the UOP_SaveFPLR(X) opcodes), for .seh_save_fregp
and .seh_save_fregpx, allow up to d14+d15.

Not creating .seh_save_next for float register pairs, as the
actual unwinder implementation in current versions of Windows is buggy
for that case.

This gives a minimal but measurable size reduction. (For a 6.5 MB
DLL with 300 KB .xdata, the .xdata shrinks by 48 bytes. The opcode
sequences are padded to a 4 byte boundary, so very small improvements
might not end up mattering directly.)

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D87367