[MemCpyOpt] Update to new API for memory intrinsic alignment

Authored by dneilson on Mar 21 2018, 7:14 AM.


[MemCpyOpt] Update to new API for memory intrinsic alignment

This change is part of step five in the series of changes to remove alignment argument from
memcpy/memmove/memset in favour of alignment attributes. In particular, this changes the
MemCpyOpt pass to cease using:

  1. The old getAlignment() API of MemoryIntrinsic in favour of getting source & dest specific

alignments through the new API.

  1. The old IRBuilder CreateMemCpy/CreateMemMove single-alignment APIs in favour of the new

API that allows setting source and destination alignments independently.

We also add a few tests to fill gaps in the testing of this pass.

Step 1) Remove alignment parameter and create alignment parameter attributes for
memcpy/memmove/memset. ( rL322965, rC322964, rL322963 )
Step 2) Expand the IRBuilder API to allow creation of memcpy/memmove with differing
source and dest alignments. ( rL323597 )
Step 3) Update Clang to use the new IRBuilder API. ( rC323617 )
Step 4) Update Polly to use the new IRBuilder API. ( rL323618 )
Step 5) Update LLVM passes that create memcpy/memmove calls to use the new IRBuilder API,
and those that use use MemIntrinsicInst::[get|set]Alignment() to use [get|set]DestAlignment()
and [get|set]SourceAlignment() instead. ( rL323886, rL323891, rL324148, rL324273, rL324278,
rL324384, rL324395, rL324402, rL324626, rL324642, rL324653, rL324654, rL324773, rL324774,
rL324781, rL324784, rL324955, rL324960, rL325816, rL327398, rL327421 )
Step 6) Remove the single-alignment IRBuilder API for memcpy/memmove, and the
MemIntrinsicInst::[get|set]Alignment() methods.



llvm-svn: 328097