[RISCV] Add WasForced parameter to MCAsmBackend::fixupNeedsRelaxationAdvanced

Authored by shiva0217 on May 17 2018, 11:42 PM.


[RISCV] Add WasForced parameter to MCAsmBackend::fixupNeedsRelaxationAdvanced

For RISCV branch instructions, we need to preserve relocation types when linker
relaxation enabled, so then linker could modify offset when the branch offsets

We preserve relocation types by define shouldForceRelocation.
IsResolved return by evaluateFixup will always false when shouldForceRelocation
return true. It will make RISCV MC Branch Relaxation always relax 16-bit
branches to 32-bit form, even if the symbol actually could be resolved.

To avoid 16-bit branches always relax to 32-bit form when linker relaxation
enabled, we add a new parameter WasForced to indicate that the symbol actually
couldn't be resolved and not forced by shouldForceRelocation return true.

RISCVAsmBackend::fixupNeedsRelaxationAdvanced could relax branches with
unresolved symbols by (!IsResolved && !WasForced).

RISCV MC Branch Relaxation is needed because RISCV could perform 32-bit
to 16-bit transformation in MC layer.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D46350

llvm-svn: 332696