[LLD][ELF][ARM] Implement Thumb pc-relative relocations for adr and ldr

Authored by psmith on Feb 23 2020, 11:46 AM.


[LLD][ELF][ARM] Implement Thumb pc-relative relocations for adr and ldr

MC will now output the R_ARM_THM_PC8, R_ARM_THM_PC12 and
R_ARM_THM_PREL_11_0 relocations. These are short-ranged relocations that
are used to implement the adr rd, literal and ldr rd, literal pseudo

The instructions use a new RelExpr called R_ARM_PCA in order to calculate
the required S + A - Pa expression, where Pa is AlignDown(P, 4) as the
instructions add their immediate to AlignDown(PC, 4). We also do not want
these relocations to generate or resolve against a PLT entry as the range
of these relocations is so short they would never reach.

The R_ARM_THM_PC8 has a special encoding convention for the relocation
addend, the immediate field is unsigned, yet the addend must be -4 to
account for the Thumb PC bias. The ABI (not the architecture) uses the
convention that the 8-byte immediate of 0xff represents -4.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D75042