Teach ObjCARC optimizer about equivalent PHIs when eliminating…

Authored by pete on Jan 2 2019, 5:38 PM.


Teach ObjCARC optimizer about equivalent PHIs when eliminating autoreleaseRV/retainRV pairs

OptimizeAutoreleaseRVCall skips optimizing llvm.objc.autoreleaseReturnValue if it
sees a user which is llvm.objc.retainAutoreleasedReturnValue, and if they have
equivalent arguments (either identical or equivalent PHIs). It then assumes that
ObjCARCOpt::OptimizeRetainRVCall will optimize the pair instead.

Trouble is, ObjCARCOpt::OptimizeRetainRVCall doesn't know about equivalent PHIs
so optimizes in a different way and we are left with an unoptimized llvm.objc.autoreleaseReturnValue.

This teaches ObjCARCOpt::OptimizeRetainRVCall to also understand PHI equivalence.


Reviewed By: ahatanak

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D56235

llvm-svn: 350284