[X86][LLVM]Expanding Supports lowerInterleavedStore() in X86InterleavedAccess…

Authored by m_zuckerman on Aug 7 2017, 6:22 AM.


[X86][LLVM]Expanding Supports lowerInterleavedStore() in X86InterleavedAccess (VF16 stride 4).

This patch expands the support of lowerInterleavedStore to 16x8i stride 4.

LLVM creates suboptimal shuffle code-gen for AVX2. In overall, this patch is a specific fix for the pattern (Strid=4 VF=16) and we plan to include more patterns in the future.

The patch goal is to optimize the following sequence:
At the end of the computation, we have ymm2, ymm0, ymm12 and ymm3 holding
each 16 chars:

c0, c1, , c16
m0, m1, , m16
y0, y1, , y16
k0, k1, ., k16

And these need to be transposed/interleaved and stored like so:

c0 m0 y0 k0 c1 m1 y1 k1 c2 m2 y2 k2 c3 m3 y3 k3 ....

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D35829

llvm-svn: 310252