Don't emit apple accelerator tables on non-darwin targets

Authored by labath on Jan 17 2018, 3:52 AM.


Don't emit apple accelerator tables on non-darwin targets

Currently -glldb turns on emission of apple tables on all targets, but
lldb is only really capable of consuming them on darwin. Furthermore,
making lldb consume these tables is not straight-forward because of the
differences in how the debug info is distributed on darwin vs. elf

The darwin debug model assumes that the debug info (along with
accelerator tables) will either remain in the .o files or it will be
linked into a dsym bundle by a linker that knows how to merge these
tables. In the elf world, all present linkers will simply concatenate
these accelerator tables into the shared object. Since the tables are
not self-terminating, this renders the tables unusable, as the debugger
cannot pry the individual tables apart anymore.

It might theoretically be possible to make the tables work with split
dwarf, as that is somewhat similar to the apple .o model, but
unfortunately right now the combination of -glldb and -gsplit-dwarf
produces broken object files.

Until these issues are resolved there is no point in emitting the apple
tables for these targets. At best, it wastes space; at worst, it breaks
compilation and prevents the user from getting other benefits of -glldb.

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