[CMake] Add LLVM runtimes directory

Authored by beanz on Jun 23 2016, 3:07 PM.


[CMake] Add LLVM runtimes directory

There are a few LLVM projects that produce runtime libraries. Ideally
runtime libraries should be built differently than other projects,
specifically they should be built using the just-built toolchain.

There is support for building compiler-rt in this way from the clang
build. Moving this logic into the LLVM build is interesting because it
provides a simpler way to extend the just-built toolchain to include
LLD and the LLVM object file tools.

Once this functionality is better fleshed out and tested we’ll want to
encapsulate it in a module that can be used for clang standalone
builds, and we’ll want to make it the default way to build compiler-rt.

With this patch applied there is no immediate change in the build.
Moving compiler-rt out from llvm/projects into llvm/runtimes enables
the functionality.

This code has a few improvements over the method provided by
LLVM_BUILD_EXTERNAL_COMPILER_RT. Specifically the sub-ninja command is
always invoked, so changes to compiler-rt source files will get built
properly, so this patch can be used for iterative development with
just-built tools.

This first patch only works with compiler-rt. Support for other
runtime projects will be coming in follow-up patches.

Reviewers: chandlerc, bogner

Subscribers: kubabrecka, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D20992

llvm-svn: 273620


beanzJun 23 2016, 3:07 PM
Differential Revision
D20992: [CMake] Add LLVM runtimes directory
rG31d6da7c0ca2: clang-format: [JS] handle conditionals in fields, default params.