[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`

Authored by ychen on Jan 14 2020, 10:43 PM.


[Support] make report_fatal_error abort instead of exit

This patch could be treated as a rebase of D33960. It also fixes PR35547.
A fix for llvm/test/Other/close-stderr.ll is proposed in D68164. Seems
the consensus is that the test is passing by chance and I'm not
sure how important it is for us. So it is removed like in D33960 for now.
The rest of the test fixes are just adding --crash flag to not tool.

  • The reason it fixes PR35547 is

exit does cleanup including calling class destructor whereas abort
does not do any cleanup. In multithreading environment such as ThinLTO or JIT,
threads may share states which mostly are ManagedStatic<>. If faulting thread
tearing down a class when another thread is using it, there are chances of
memory corruption. This is bad 1. It will stop error reporting like pretty
stack printer; 2. The memory corruption is distracting and nondeterministic in
terms of error message, and corruption type (depending one the timing, it
could be double free, heap free after use, etc.).

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D67847