[FPEnv] Default NoFPExcept SDNodeFlag to false

Authored by uweigand on Jan 2 2020, 7:54 AM.


[FPEnv] Default NoFPExcept SDNodeFlag to false

The NoFPExcept bit in SDNodeFlags currently defaults to true, unlike all
other such flags. This is a problem, because it implies that all code that
transforms SDNodes without copying flags can introduce a correctness bug,
not just a missed optimization.

This patch changes the default to false. This makes it necessary to move
setting the (No)FPExcept flag for constrained intrinsics from the
visitConstrainedIntrinsic routine to the generic visit routine at the
place where the other flags are set, or else the intersectFlagsWith
call would erase the NoFPExcept flag again.

In order to avoid making non-strict FP code worse, whenever
SelectionDAGISel::SelectCodeCommon matches on a set of orignal nodes
none of which can raise FP exceptions, it will preserve this property
on all results nodes generated, by setting the NoFPExcept flag on
those result nodes that would otherwise be considered as raising
an FP exception.

To check whether or not an SD node should be considered as raising
an FP exception, the following logic applies:

  • For machine nodes, check the mayRaiseFPException property of the underlying MI instruction
  • For regular nodes, check isStrictFPOpcode
  • For target nodes, check a newly introduced isTargetStrictFPOpcode

The latter is implemented by reserving a range of target opcodes,
similarly to how memory opcodes are identified. (Note that there a
bit of a quirk in identifying target nodes that are both memory nodes
and strict FP nodes. To simplify the logic, right now all target memory
nodes are automatically also considered strict FP nodes -- this could
be fixed by adding one more range.)

Reviewed By: craig.topper

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D71841