[analyzer] Make the entries in 'Environment' context-sensitive by making…

Authored by krememek on Jan 6 2012, 2:09 PM.


[analyzer] Make the entries in 'Environment' context-sensitive by making entries map from (Stmt*,LocationContext*) pairs to SVals instead of Stmt* to SVals.

This is needed to support basic IPA via inlining. Without this, we cannot tell
if a Stmt* binding is part of the current analysis scope (StackFrameContext) or
part of a parent context.

This change introduces an uglification of the use of getSVal(), and thus takes
two steps forward and one step back. There are also potential performance implications
of enlarging the Environment. Both can be addressed going forward by refactoring the
APIs and optimizing the internal representation of Environment. This patch
mainly introduces the functionality upon when we want to build upon (and clean up).

llvm-svn: 147688