llvm/ObjCARC: Eliminate inlined AutoreleaseRV calls

Authored by dexonsmith on Nov 17 2019, 5:58 PM.


llvm/ObjCARC: Eliminate inlined AutoreleaseRV calls

Pair up inlined AutoreleaseRV calls with their matching RetainRV or

  • RetainRV cancels out AutoreleaseRV. Delete both instructions.
  • ClaimRV is a peephole for RetainRV+Release. Delete AutoreleaseRV and replace ClaimRV with Release.

This avoids problems where more aggressive inlining triggers memory

This patch is happy to skip over non-callable instructions and non-ARC
intrinsics looking for the pair. It is likely sound to also skip over
opaque function calls, but that's harder to reason about, and it's not
relevant to the goal here: if there's an opaque function call splitting
up a pair, it's very unlikely that a handshake would have happened
dynamically without inlining.

Note that this patch also subsumes the previous logic that looked
backwards from ReleaseRV.

(cherry picked from commit 3279724905c14a8db383ade53af40a0dd49504d8)