[DebugInfo][InstrRef] Add extra indirection for NRVO tests

Authored by jmorse on Thu, Nov 25, 1:41 PM.


[DebugInfo][InstrRef] Add extra indirection for NRVO tests

In some scenarios, usually involving NRVO, we can issue indirect DBG_VALUEs
after SelectionDAG, even in instruction referencing mode (if the variable
is an argument). If the corresponding argument value is spilt to the stack,
then we have:

  • Indirection from it being on the stack,
  • Indirection from it being a dbg.declare or a dbg.addr.

However InstrRefBasedLDV only emits one level of indirection. This patch
adds the second, by adding an extra DW_OP_deref if necessary. The two
tests modified fail otherwise -- they feature some NRVO, and require two
levels of indirection to be correct.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D114364