[scudo][standalone] Introduce the Primary(s) and LocalCache

Authored by cryptoad on May 20 2019, 7:40 AM.


[scudo][standalone] Introduce the Primary(s) and LocalCache

This CL introduces the 32 & 64-bit primary allocators, and associated
Local Cache. While the general idea is mostly similar to what exists
in sanitizer_common, it departs from the original code somewhat

  • the 64-bit primary no longer uses a free array at the end of a region but uses batches of free blocks in region 0, allowing for a convergence with the 32-bit primary behavior;
  • as a result, there is only one (templated) local cache type for both primary allocators, and memory reclaiming can be implemented similarly for the 32-bit & 64-bit platforms;
  • 64-bit primary regions are handled a bit differently: we do not reserve 4TB of memory that we split, but reserve NumClasses * 2^RegionSizeLog, each region being offseted by a random number of pages from its computed base. A side effect of this is that the 64-bit primary works on 32-bit platform (I don't think we want to encourage it but it's an interesting side effect);

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