[PM/LoopUnswitch] Support partial trivial unswitching.

Authored by chandlerc on Jun 20 2018, 11:57 AM.


[PM/LoopUnswitch] Support partial trivial unswitching.

The idea of partial unswitching is to take a *part* of a branch's
condition that is loop invariant and just unswitching that part. This
primarily makes sense with i1 conditions of branches as opposed to
switches. When dealing with i1 conditions, we can easily extract loop
invariant inputs to a a branch and unswitch them to test them entirely
outside the loop.

As part of this, we now create much more significant cruft in the loop
body, so this relies on adding cleanup passes to the loop pipeline and
revisiting unswitched loops to do that cleanup before continuing to
process them.

This already appears to be more powerful at unswitching than the old
loop unswitch pass, and so I'd appreciate pretty careful review in case
I'm just missing some correctness checks. The LIV-loop-condition test
case is not unswitched by the old unswitch pass, but is with this pass.

Thanks to Sanjoy and Fedor for the review!

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D46706

llvm-svn: 335156