[Flang][Driver] Add infrastructure for basic frontend actions and file I/O

Authored by CarolineConcatto on Oct 24 2020, 4:33 AM.


[Flang][Driver] Add infrastructure for basic frontend actions and file I/O

This patch introduces the dependencies required to read and manage input files
provided by the command line option. It also adds the infrastructure to create
and write to output files. The output is sent to either stdout or a file
(specified with the -o flag).

Separately, in order to be able to test the code for file I/O, it adds
infrastructure to create frontend actions. As a basic testable example, it adds
the InputOutputTest FrontendAction. The sole purpose of this action is to
read a file from the command line and print it either to stdout or the output
file. This action is run by using the -test-io flag also introduced in this
patch (available for flang-new and flang-new -fc1). With this patch:

flang-new -test-io input-file.f90

will read input-file.f90 and print it in the output file.

The InputOutputTest frontend action has been introduced primarily to
facilitate testing. It is hidden from users (i.e. it's only displayed with
--help-hidden). Currently Clang doesn’t have an equivalent action.

-test-io is used to trigger the InputOutputTest action in the Flang frontend
driver. This patch makes sure that “flang-new” forwards it to “flang-new -fc1"
by creating a preprocessor job. However, in Flang.cpp, -test-io is passed to
“flang-new -fc1” without -E. This way we make sure that the preprocessor is
_not_ run in the frontend driver. This is the desired behaviour: -test-io
should only read the input file and print it to the output stream.

co-authored-by: Andrzej Warzynski <andrzej.warzynski@arm.com>

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D87989