[ObjC][ARC] Use operand bundle 'clang.arc.rv' instead of explicitly

Authored by ahatanak on Jan 25 2021, 11:56 AM.


[ObjC][ARC] Use operand bundle 'clang.arc.rv' instead of explicitly
emitting retainRV or claimRV calls in the IR

This reapplies 3fe3946d9a958b7af6130241996d9cfcecf559d4 without the
changes made to lib/IR/AutoUpgrade.cpp, which was violating layering.

Original commit message:


This patch makes changes to the front-end and middle-end that are
needed to fix a longstanding problem where llvm breaks ARC's autorelease
optimization (see the link below) by separating calls from the marker
instructions or retainRV/claimRV calls. The backend changes are in


What this patch does to fix the problem:

  • The front-end adds operand bundle "clang.arc.rv" to calls, which indicates the call is implicitly followed by a marker instruction and an implicit retainRV/claimRV call that consumes the call result. In addition, it emits a call to @llvm.objc.clang.arc.noop.use, which consumes the call result, to prevent the middle-end passes from changing the return type of the called function. This is currently done only when the target is arm64 and the optimization level is higher than -O0.
  • ARC optimizer temporarily emits retainRV/claimRV calls after the calls with the operand bundle in the IR and removes the inserted calls after processing the function.
  • ARC contract pass emits retainRV/claimRV calls after the call with the operand bundle. It doesn't remove the operand bundle on the call since the backend needs it to emit the marker instruction. The retainRV and claimRV calls are emitted late in the pipeline to prevent optimization passes from transforming the IR in a way that makes it harder for the ARC middle-end passes to figure out the def-use relationship between the call and the retainRV/claimRV calls (which is the cause of PR31925).
  • The function inliner removes an autoreleaseRV call in the callee if nothing in the callee prevents it from being paired up with the retainRV/claimRV call in the caller. It then inserts a release call if the call is annotated with claimRV since autoreleaseRV+claimRV is equivalent to a release. If it cannot find an autoreleaseRV call, it tries to transfer the operand bundle to a function call in the callee. This is important since ARC optimizer can remove the autoreleaseRV returning the callee result, which makes it impossible to pair it up with the retainRV/claimRV call in the caller. If that fails, it simply emits a retain call in the IR if the implicit call is a call to retainRV and does nothing if it's a call to claimRV.

Future work:

  • Use the operand bundle on x86-64.
  • Fix the auto upgrader to convert call+retainRV/claimRV pairs into calls annotated with the operand bundles.


Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D92808