[x86] Revert the X86FoldTablesEmitter due to more miscompiles.

Authored by chandlerc on Jun 5 2017, 7:15 PM.


[x86] Revert the X86FoldTablesEmitter due to more miscompiles.

In testing, we've found yet another miscompile caused by the new tables.
And this one is even less clear how to fix (we could teach it to fold
a 16-bit load instead of the 32-bit load it wants, or block folding

Also, the approach to excluding instructions seems increasingly to not
scale well.

I have left a more detailed analysis on the review log for the original
patch (https://reviews.llvm.org/D32684) along with suggested path
forward. I will land an additional test case that I wrote which covers
the code that was miscompiling (folding into the output of pextrw) in
a subsequent commit to keep this a pure revert.

For each commit reverted here, I've restricted the revert to the
non-test code touching the x86 fold table emission until the last commit
where I did revert the test updates. This means the *new* test cases
added for insertps and xchg remain untouched (and continue to pass).

Reverted commits:
r304540: [X86] Don't fold into memory operands into insertps in the ...
r304347: [TableGen] Adapt more places to getValueAsString now ...
r304163: [X86] Don't fold away the memory operand of an xchg.
r304123: Don't capture a temporary std::string in a StringRef.
r304122: Resubmit "[X86] Adding new LLVM TableGen backend that ..."

Original commit was in r304088, and after a string of fixes was reverted
previously in r304121 to fix build bots, and then re-landed in r304122.

llvm-svn: 304762


chandlercJun 5 2017, 7:15 PM
rG462f36d36d45: [Driver] Don't force .exe suffix for lld