[DAGCombiner] try to convert pow(x, 1/3) to cbrt(x)

Authored by spatel on Sep 16 2018, 9:50 AM.


[DAGCombiner] try to convert pow(x, 1/3) to cbrt(x)

This is a follow-up suggested in D51630 and originally proposed as an IR transform in D49040.

Copying the motivational statement by @evandro from that patch:
"This transformation helps some benchmarks in SPEC CPU2000 and CPU2006, such as 188.ammp,
447.dealII, 453.povray, and especially 300.twolf, as well as some proprietary benchmarks.
Otherwise, no regressions on x86-64 or A64."

I'm proposing to add only the minimum support for a DAG node here. Since we don't have an
LLVM IR intrinsic for cbrt, and there are no other DAG ways to create a FCBRT node yet, I
don't think we need to worry about DAG builder, legalization, a strict variant, etc. We
should be able to expand as needed when adding more functionality/transforms. For reference,
these are transform suggestions currently listed in SimplifyLibCalls.cpp:

* cbrt(expN(X)) -> expN(x/3)
* cbrt(sqrt(x)) -> pow(x,1/6)
// * cbrt(cbrt(x)) -> pow(x,1/9)

Also, given that we bail out on long double for now, there should not be any logical
differences between platforms (unless there's some platform out there that has pow()
but not cbrt()).

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D51753

llvm-svn: 342348


spatelSep 16 2018, 9:50 AM
Differential Revision
D51753: [DAGCombiner] try to convert pow(x, 1/3) to cbrt(x)
rGbfee5a9b42d3: [x86] fix uses check in broadcast transform (PR38949)