[mips] Fix expanding `lw/sw $reg1, symbol($reg2)` instruction

Authored by atanasyan on Thu, Aug 29, 6:19 AM.


[mips] Fix expanding lw/sw $reg1, symbol($reg2) instruction

When a "base" in the lw/sw $reg1, symbol($reg2) instruction is
a register and generated code is position independent, backend
does not add the "base" value to the symbol address.

lw     $reg1, %got(symbol)($gp)
lw/sw  $reg1, 0($reg1)

This patch fixes the bug and adds the missed addu instruction by
passing BaseReg into the loadAndAddSymbolAddress routine and handles
the case when the BaseReg is the zero register to escape redundant
move reg, reg instruction:

lw     $reg1, %got(symbol)($gp)
addu   $reg1, $reg1, $reg2
lw/sw  $reg1, 0($reg1)

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D66894

llvm-svn: 370353