[ORC] Add JITLink-compatible remote memory-manager and LLJITWithChildProcess…

Authored by sgraenitz on Aug 13 2020, 11:47 AM.


[ORC] Add JITLink-compatible remote memory-manager and LLJITWithChildProcess example

This adds RemoteJITLinkMemoryManager is a new subclass of OrcRemoteTargetClient. It implements jitlink::JITLinkMemoryManager and targets the OrcRemoteTargetRPCAPI.

Behavior should be very similar to RemoteRTDyldMemoryManager. The essential differnce with JITLink is that allocations work in isolation from its memory manager. Thus, the RemoteJITLinkMemoryManager might be seen as "JITLink allocation factory".

RPCMMAlloc is another subclass of OrcRemoteTargetClient and implements the actual functionality. It allocates working memory on the host and target memory on the remote target. Upon finalization working memory is copied over to the tagrte address space. Finalization can be asynchronous for JITLink allocations, but I don't see that it makes a difference here.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D85919