[DAGCombiner][X86][AArch64][AMDGPU] (x + C) - y -> (x - y) + C fold. Try 2

Authored by lebedev.ri on May 28 2019, 1:39 PM.


[DAGCombiner][X86][AArch64][AMDGPU] (x + C) - y -> (x - y) + C fold. Try 2

The main motivation is shown by all these neg instructions that are now created.
In particular, the @reg32_lshr_by_negated_unfolded_sub_b test.

AArch64 test changes all look good (neg created), or neutral.

X86 changes look neutral (vectors), or good (neg / xor eax, eax created).

I'm not sure about X86/ragreedy-hoist-spill.ll, it looks like the spill
is now hoisted into preheader (which should still be good?),
2 4-byte reloads become 1 8-byte reload, and are elsewhere,
but i'm not sure how that affects that loop.

I'm unable to interpret AMDGPU change, looks neutral-ish?

This is hopefully a step towards solving PR41952.

https://rise4fun.com/Alive/pkdq (we are missing more patterns, i'll submit them later)

This is a recommit, originally committed in rL361852, but reverted
to investigate test-suite compile-time hangs.

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