Seperate volatility and atomicity/ordering in SelectionDAG

Authored by reames on Feb 27 2019, 12:20 PM.


Seperate volatility and atomicity/ordering in SelectionDAG

At the moment, we mark every atomic memory access as being also volatile. This is unnecessarily conservative and prohibits many legal transforms (DCE, folding, etc..).

This patch removes MOVolatile from the MachineMemOperands of atomic, but not volatile, instructions. This should be strictly NFC after a series of previous patches which have gone in to ensure backend code is conservative about handling of isAtomic MMOs. Once it's in and baked for a bit, we'll start working through removing unnecessary bailouts one by one. We applied this same strategy to the middle end a few years ago, with good success.

To make sure this patch itself is NFC, it is build on top of a series of other patches which adjust code to (for the moment) be as conservative for an atomic access as for a volatile access and build up a test corpus (mostly in test/CodeGen/X86/atomics-unordered.ll)..

Previously landed

D57593 Fix a bug in the definition of isUnordered on MachineMemOperand
D57596 [CodeGen] Be conservative about atomic accesses as for volatile
D57802 Be conservative about unordered accesses for the moment
rL353959: [Tests] First batch of cornercase tests for unordered atomics.
rL353966: [Tests] RMW folding tests w/unordered atomic operations.
rL353972: [Tests] More unordered atomic lowering tests.
rL353989: [SelectionDAG] Inline a single use helper function, and remove last non-MMO interface
rL354740: [Hexagon, SystemZ] Be super conservative about atomics
rL354800: [Lanai] Be super conservative about atomics
rL354845: [ARM] Be super conservative about atomics

Attention Out of Tree Backend Owners: This patch may break you. If it does, you can use the TLI getMMOFlags hook to restore the MOVolatile to any instruction you need to. (See llvm-dev thread titled "PSA: Changes to how atomics are handled in backends" started Feb 27, 2019.)

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D57601

llvm-svn: 355025


reamesFeb 27 2019, 12:20 PM
Differential Revision
D57601: Seperate volatility and atomicity/ordering in SelectionDAG
rGc526e02668b3: [clang-tidy] Add the abseil-time-subtraction check