Introduce infrastructure for an incremental port of SelectionDAG atomic…

Authored by reames on Sep 9 2019, 12:23 PM.


Introduce infrastructure for an incremental port of SelectionDAG atomic load/store handling

This is the first patch in a large sequence. The eventual goal is to have unordered atomic loads and stores - and possibly ordered atomics as well - handled through the normal ISEL codepaths for loads and stores. Today, there handled w/instances of AtomicSDNodes. The result of which is that all transforms need to be duplicated to work for unordered atomics. The benefit of the current design is that it's harder to introduce a silent miscompile by adding an transform which forgets about atomicity. See the thread on llvm-dev titled "FYI: proposed changes to atomic load/store in SelectionDAG" for further context.

Note that this patch is NFC unless the experimental flag is set.

The basic strategy I plan on taking is:

introduce infrastructure and a flag for testing (this patch)
Audit uses of isVolatile, and apply isAtomic conservatively*
piecemeal conservative* update generic code and x86 backedge code in individual reviews w/tests for cases which didn't check volatile, but can be found with inspection
flip the flag at the end (with minimal diffs)
Work through todo list identified in (2) and (3) exposing performance ops

(*) The "conservative" bit here is aimed at minimizing the number of diffs involved in (4). Ideally, there'd be none. In practice, getting it down to something reviewable by a human is the actual goal. Note that there are (currently) no paths which produce LoadSDNode or StoreSDNode with atomic MMOs, so we don't need to worry about preserving any behaviour there.

We've taken a very similar strategy twice before with success - once at IR level, and once at the MI level (post ISEL).

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D66309

llvm-svn: 371441