[lldb] Add option to retry Fix-Its multiple times to failed expressions

Authored by teemperor on Apr 6 2020, 2:08 AM.


[lldb] Add option to retry Fix-Its multiple times to failed expressions

Usually when Clang emits an error Fix-It it does two things. It emits the diagnostic and then it fixes the
currently generated AST to reflect the applied Fix-It. While emitting the diagnostic is easy to implement,
fixing the currently generated AST is often tricky. That causes that some Fix-Its just keep the AST as-is or
abort the parsing process entirely. Once the parser stopped, any Fix-Its for the rest of the expression are
not detected and when the user manually applies the Fix-It, the next expression will just produce a new

This is often occurring with quickly made Fix-Its that are just used to bridge temporary API changes
and that often are not worth implementing a proper API fixup in addition to the diagnostic. To still
give some kind of reasonable user-experience for users that have these Fix-Its and rely on them to
fix their expressions, this patch adds the ability to retry parsing with applied Fix-Its multiple time to
give the normal Fix-It experience where things Clang knows how to fix are not causing actual expression
error (at least when automatically applying Fix-Its is activated).

The way this is implemented is just by having another setting in the expression options that specify how
often we should try applying Fix-Its and then reparse the expression. The default setting is still 1 for everyone
so this should not affect the speed in which we fail to parse expressions.

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D77214