[ARM] Begin adding IR intrinsics for MVE instructions.

Authored by simon_tatham on Oct 7 2019, 9:00 AM.


[ARM] Begin adding IR intrinsics for MVE instructions.

This commit, together with the next few, will add a representative
sample of the kind of IR intrinsics that we'll need in order to
implement the user-facing ACLE intrinsics for MVE. Supporting all of
them will take more work; the intention of this initial series of
commits is to implement an intrinsic or two from lots of different
categories, as examples and proofs of concept.

This initial commit introduces a small number of IR intrinsics for
instructions simple enough that they can use Tablegen ISel patterns:
the predicated versions of the VADD and VSUB instructions (both
integer and FP), VMIN and VMAX, and the float->half VCVT instruction
(predicated and unpredicated).

When using VPT-predicated instructions in automatic code generation,
it will be convenient to specify the predicate value as a vector of
the appropriate number of i1. To make it easy to specify all sizes of
an instruction in one go and give each one the matching predicate
vector type, I've added a system of Tablegen informational records
describing MVE's vector types: each one gives the underlying LLVM IR
ValueType (which may not be the same if the MVE vector is of
explicitly signed or unsigned integers) and an appropriate vNi1 to use
as the predicate vector.

(Also, those info records include the usual encoding for the types, so
that as we add associations between each instruction encoding and one
of the new MVEVectorVTInfo records, we can remove some of the
existing template parameters and replace them with references to the
vector type info's fields.)

The user-facing ACLE intrinsics will receive a predicate mask as a
16-bit integer, so I've also provided a pair of intrinsics i2v and
v2i, to convert between an integer and a vector of i1 by just changing
the register class.

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