[lldb/DWARF] Don't treat class declarations with children as definitions

Authored by labath on Jul 7 2020, 6:28 AM.


[lldb/DWARF] Don't treat class declarations with children as definitions

This effectively reverts r188124, which added code to handle
(DW_AT_)declarations of structures with some kinds of children as
definitions. The commit message claims this is a workaround for some
kind of debug info produced by gcc. However, it does not go into
specifics, so it's hard to reproduce or verify that this is indeed still a

Having this code is definitely a problem though, because it mistakenly
declares incomplete dwarf declarations to be complete. Both clang (with
-flimit-debug-info) and gcc (by default) generate DW_AT_declarations of
structs with children. This happens when full debug info for a class is
not emitted in a given compile unit (e.g. because of vtable homing), but
the class has inline methods which are used in the given compile unit.
In that case, the compilers emit a DW_AT_declaration of a class, but
add a DW_TAG_subprogram child to it to describe the inlined instance of
the method.

Even though the class tag has some children, it definitely does not
contain enough information to construct a full class definition (most
notably, it lacks any members). Keeping the class as incomplete allows
us to search for a real definition in other modules, helping the
-flimit-debug-info flow. And in case the definition is not found we can
display a error message saying that, instead of just showing an empty

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D83302