[llvm][clang][mlir] Add checks for the return values from Target::createXXX to…

Authored by OikawaKirie on Sat, Nov 21, 9:04 PM.


[llvm][clang][mlir] Add checks for the return values from Target::createXXX to prevent protential null deref

All these potential null pointer dereferences are reported by my static analyzer for null smart pointer dereferences, which has a different implementation from alpha.cplusplus.SmartPtr.

The checked pointers in this patch are initialized by Target::createXXX functions. When the creator function pointer is not correctly set, a null pointer will be returned, or the creator function may originally return a null pointer.

Some of them may not make sense as they may be checked before entering the function, but I fixed them all in this patch. I submit this fix because 1) similar checks are found in some other places in the LLVM codebase for the same return value of the function; and, 2) some of the pointers are dereferenced before they are checked, which may definitely trigger a null pointer dereference if the return value is nullptr.

Reviewed By: tejohnson, MaskRay, jpienaar

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D91410