[Driver] allow Android triples to alias for non Android targets

Authored by nickdesaulniers on Oct 22 2018, 12:48 PM.


[Driver] allow Android triples to alias for non Android targets

Partial revert of r330873 ('[Driver] Reland "Android triples are not
aliases for other triples."')

While we don't want -target *-linux-android to alias to non
*-linux-android libs and binaries, it turns out we do want the
opposite. Ie. We would like for -target *-linux-gnu to still be
able to use *-android libs and binaries.

In fact, this is used to cross assemble and link the Linux kernel for
Android devices.

-target *-linux-gnu needs to be used for the Linux kernel when
using the android binutils prebuilts (*-linux-android).

The use of -target *-linux-android on C source files will cause
Clang to perform optimizations based on the presence of bionic (due to
r265481 ('Faster stack-protector for Android/AArch64.')) which is
invalid within the Linux kernel and will produce a non-bootable kernel

Of course, you could just use the standard binutils (*-linux-gnu),
but Android does not distribute these. So this patch fixes a problem
that only occurs when cross assembling and linking a Linux kernel with
the Android provided binutils, which is what is done within Android's
build system.

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