Hoist check for TLI above all of the attempts to use it (including one of which…

Authored by chandlerc on Nov 3 2016, 11:54 PM.


Hoist check for TLI above all of the attempts to use it (including one of which that is hidden inside a separate function call) and helpfully before building expensive transaction infrastructure. This will avoid crashing when running CGP in a generic mode if we ever managed to hit this case.

Note that I spent some time looking at alternatives. CGP is actually
used without a TM or TLI in order to do some target-independent testing.
Further, all of the neighboring optimization techniques actually have
some paths that are effective even in the absence of TLI so this seemed
the correct scope at which to check and bypass logic. It still isn't
clear that long-term support for missing TM/TLI is the right
cost/benefit tradeoff for CGP -- we seem to get relatively little for it
and the code is just littered with checks (and assumptions which
I suspect are still missing some checks).

This at least fixes the potential bug in this code spotted by
PVS-Studio, so we've got that going for us. ;]

llvm-svn: 285987


chandlercNov 3 2016, 11:54 PM
rG7cbfe23ad49b: [python bindings] Expose CXCursor_FriendDecl as CursorKind.FRIEND_DECL