[X86][SSE] Reimplement SSE fp2si conversion intrinsics instead of using generic…

Authored by RKSimon on Jul 19 2016, 8:07 AM.


[X86][SSE] Reimplement SSE fp2si conversion intrinsics instead of using generic IR

D20859 and D20860 attempted to replace the SSE (V)CVTTPS2DQ and VCVTTPD2DQ truncating conversions with generic IR instead.

It turns out that the behaviour of these intrinsics is different enough from generic IR that this will cause problems, INF/NAN/out of range values are guaranteed to result in a 0x80000000 value - which plays havoc with constant folding which converts them to either zero or UNDEF. This is also an issue with the scalar implementations (which were already generic IR and what I was trying to match).

This patch changes both scalar and packed versions back to using x86-specific builtins.

It also deals with the other scalar conversion cases that are runtime rounding mode dependent and can have similar issues with constant folding.

A companion clang patch is at D22105

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D22106

llvm-svn: 275981