[WebAssembly] Compile all TLS on Emscripten as local-exec

Authored by quantum on Jul 16 2019, 3:22 PM.


[WebAssembly] Compile all TLS on Emscripten as local-exec

Currently, on Emscripten, dynamic linking is not supported with threads.
This means that if thread-local storage is used, it must be used in a
statically-linked executable. Hence, local-exec is the only possible model.

This diff compiles all TLS variables to use local-exec on Emscripten as a
temporary measure until dynamic linking is supported with threads.

The goal for this is to allow C++ types with constructors to be thread-local.

Currently, when clang compiles a thread_local variable with a constructor,
it generates __tls_guard variable:

@__tls_guard = internal thread_local global i8 0, align 1

As no TLS model is specified, this is treated as general-dynamic, which we do
not support (and cannot support without implementing dynamic linking support
with threads in Emscripten). As a result, any C++ constructor in thread_local
variables would not compile.

By compiling all thread_local as local-exec, __tls_guard will compile and
we can support C++ constructors with TLS without implementing dynamic linking
with threads.

Depends on D64537

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