[ARM][RegAlloc] Add t2LoopEndDec

Authored by dmgreen on Dec 10 2020, 4:14 AM.


[ARM][RegAlloc] Add t2LoopEndDec

We currently have problems with the way that low overhead loops are
specified, with LR being spilled between the t2LoopDec and the t2LoopEnd
forcing the entire loop to be reverted late in the backend. As they will
eventually become a single instruction, this patch introduces a
t2LoopEndDec which is the combination of the two, combined before
registry allocation to make sure this does not fail.

Unfortunately this instruction is a terminator that produces a value
(and also branches - it only produces the value around the branching
edge). So this needs some adjustment to phi elimination and the register
allocator to make sure that we do not spill this LR def around the loop
(needing to put a spill after the terminator). We treat the loop very
carefully, making sure that there is nothing else like calls that would
break it's ability to use LR. For that, this adds a
isUnspillableTerminator to opt in the new behaviour.

There is a chance that this could cause problems, and so I have added an
escape option incase. But I have not seen any problems in the testing
that I've tried, and not reverting Low overhead loops is important for
our performance. If this does work then we can hopefully do the same for
t2WhileLoopStart and t2DoLoopStart instructions.

This patch also contains the code needed to convert or revert the
t2LoopEndDec in the backend (which just needs a subs; bne) and the code
pre-ra to create them.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D91358