[lldb/Dataformatter] Add support for CoreFoundation Dictionaries and Sets.

Authored by mib on Apr 17 2020, 12:43 PM.

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[lldb/Dataformatter] Add support for CoreFoundation Dictionaries and Sets.

This patch improves data formatting for CoreFoundation containers:
CFDictionary and CFSet.

These data formatters make the containers and their children appear in Xcode's
variables view (and on the command line) without having to expand the
data structure.

Previous implementation only supported showing the container's element count.

(lldb) frame var dict
(__NSCFDictionary *) dict = 0x00000001004062b0 2 key/value pairs

(lldb) frame var set
(__NSCFSet *) set = 0x0000000100406330 2 elements

Now the variable can be dereferenced to dispaly the container's children:

(lldb) frame var *dict
(__NSCFDictionary) *dict = {
  [0] = {
    key = 0x0000000100004050 @"123"
    value = 0x0000000100004090 @"456"
  [1] = {
    key = 0x0000000100004030 @"abc"
    value = 0x0000000100004070 @"def"

(lldb) frame var *set
(__NSCFSet) *set = {
  [0] = 0x0000000100004050 @"123"
  [1] = 0x0000000100004030 @"abc"


Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D78396

Signed-off-by: Med Ismail Bennani <medismail.bennani@gmail.com>