Bitstream reader: Fix undefined behavior seen after rL364464

Authored by bjope on Jul 5 2019, 1:22 PM.


Bitstream reader: Fix undefined behavior seen after rL364464

After rL364464 the following tests started to fail when
running the clang-doc tests with an ubsan instrumented
build of clang-doc:

Clang Tools :: clang-doc/single-file-public.cpp
Extra Tools Unit Tests :: clang-doc/./ClangDocTests/BitcodeTest.emitEnumInfoBitcode
Extra Tools Unit Tests :: clang-doc/./ClangDocTests/BitcodeTest.emitMethodInfoBitcode
Extra Tools Unit Tests :: clang-doc/./ClangDocTests/BitcodeTest.emitRecordInfoBitcode
Extra Tools Unit Tests :: clang-doc/./ClangDocTests/SerializeTest.emitInfoWithCommentBitcode

We need to check that the read value is in range for being
casted to the llvm::bitc::FixedAbbrevIDs enum, before the
cast in ClangDocBitcodeReader::skipUntilRecordOrBlock.

SerializedDiagnosticReader::skipUntilRecordOrBlock was updated
in the same way.

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D64262

llvm-svn: 365239