Use __builtin_isnan/isinf/isfinite in complex


Use __builtin_isnan/isinf/isfinite in complex

The libc-provided isnan/isinf/isfinite macro implementations are specifically
designed to function correctly, even in the presence of -ffast-math (or, more
specifically, -ffinite-math-only). As such, on most implementation, these
either always turn into external function calls (e.g. glibc) or are
specifically function calls when FINITE_MATH_ONLY is defined (e.g. Darwin).

Our implementation of complex arithmetic makes heavy use of isnan/isinf/isfinite
to deal with corner cases involving non-finite quantities. This was problematic
in two respects:

  1. On systems where these are always function calls (e.g. Linux/glibc), there was a performance penalty
  2. When compiling with -ffast-math, there was a significant performance penalty (in fact, on Darwin and systems with similar implementations, the code may in fact be slower than not using -ffast-math, because the inline definitions provided by libc become unavailable to prevent the checks from being optimized out).

Eliding these inf/nan checks in -ffast-math mode is consistent with what
happens with libstdc++, and in my experience, what users expect. This is
critical to getting high-performance code when using complex<T>. This change
replaces uses of those functions on basic floating-point types with calls to
__builtin_isnan/isinf/isfinite, which Clang will always expand inline. When
using -ffast-math (or -ffinite-math-only), the optimizer will remove the checks
as expected.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D18639


hfinkelOct 1 2016, 1:38 PM
Differential Revision
D18639: Use __builtin_isnan/isinf/isfinite in complex