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Jan 13 2018

lattera added a comment to D41723: Introduce the "retpoline" x86 mitigation technique for variant #2 of the speculative execution vulnerabilities disclosed today, specifically identified by CVE-2017-5715, "Branch Target Injection", and is one of the two halves to Spectre...

FYI: I've imported this patch into a feature branch in HardenedBSD's playground repo. All of HardenedBSD (world + kernel) is compiled with it. I've been running it on my laptop for the past couple days without a single issue. I've enabled it locally on my box for a few applications, notably Firefox and ioquake3. Both work without issue. I plan to start an experimental package build tomorrow with it applied to the entire ports tree (around 29,400 packages).

Jan 13 2018, 4:24 PM