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Jan 9 2018, 6:22 AM (129 w, 5 d)

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Mar 27 2018

lattera added a comment to D44824: [Spectre] Introduce a new pass to do speculative load hardening to mitigate Spectre variant #1 for x86..

@chandlerc, once this patch is in a testable state, I'll merge it into a feature branch in HardenedBSD's playground repo. I'll test compiling world and kernel with it. Additionally, if there are any specific benchmarks you'd like me to run, I'd be more than happy to run them.

Mar 27 2018, 6:07 AM

Jan 13 2018

lattera added a comment to D41723: Introduce the "retpoline" x86 mitigation technique for variant #2 of the speculative execution vulnerabilities disclosed today, specifically identified by CVE-2017-5715, "Branch Target Injection", and is one of the two halves to Spectre...

FYI: I've imported this patch into a feature branch in HardenedBSD's playground repo. All of HardenedBSD (world + kernel) is compiled with it. I've been running it on my laptop for the past couple days without a single issue. I've enabled it locally on my box for a few applications, notably Firefox and ioquake3. Both work without issue. I plan to start an experimental package build tomorrow with it applied to the entire ports tree (around 29,400 packages).

Jan 13 2018, 4:24 PM