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The App Store is an online retail distribution platform, built and maintained by Apple Inc, for distributing mobile applications on its iOS and iPadOS operating platforms. The App Store allows customers to browse and purchase apps designed using Apple's iOS Software Development Kit directly from the Store. Unlike the iPod Store, the App Store does not restrict the types of apps that can be purchased or downloaded. This means that iPhone and iPad owners can install any application in their devices, as long as it conforms to the app developer's terms and conditions.

Unlike the iPod, the App Store does not use its own application platform. Instead, apps can only be distributed through the iOS Software development kit, developed for the iOS platform by Apple Inc. There are no official Amazon applications for the iOS platform. However, third party developers have created hundreds of applications that are compatible with the Amazon applications store充值

Amazon Android has come up as one of the biggest platforms for smartphone applications and is gaining more momentum as the demand for apps increase in the smartphone world. With the advent of the Amazon Android app store, the competition in this area is heating up as smartphone users become keen to access hundreds of apps that can be downloaded from this convenient service. It will be interesting to watch how this space between the two platform will develop overtime and what new features and capabilities will be added to the services offered by these two giants as they continue to develop their platforms.海外充值

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