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Fri, Aug 23, 10:12 PM (3 w, 6 d)

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Fri, Aug 23

cvenegas added a comment to D44609: [Clang-Format] New option BeforeLambdaBody to manage lambda line break inside function parameter call (in Allman style).

I'm testing this patch on our codebase and it is working pretty well. We use the Allman style and the lambda problem has been an issue for many years. One thing to note in this patch is that some of the files have CRLF line endings but should be LF endings, which is why they're showing so many edits. I'm also seeing a clang tidy test failing with this patch. The readability-braces-around-statements tests seem to fail because the indent width is appending double of what it should.
void test() {

   if (cond("if0") /*comment*/) {
Fri, Aug 23, 10:18 PM · Restricted Project