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May 1 2022, 8:53 PM (7 w, 6 d)

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May 5 2022

aperez committed rGeb3136f022b3: Fix debugserver translation check (authored by aperez).
Fix debugserver translation check
May 5 2022, 11:32 AM · Restricted Project
aperez closed D124814: Fix debugserver translation check.
May 5 2022, 11:31 AM · Restricted Project, Restricted Project

May 2 2022

aperez added a comment to D124814: Fix debugserver translation check.

Ah, I see what you're doing. You've got a shell running x86_64 or something (maybe started lldb as x86_64) so everything that is spawned from that is x86_64 -- debugserver and the inferior process -- and so you hit this. let me look more closely later tonight, but I didn't take that scenario into account. Normally when people are running debugserver as x86_64 it's because they unintentionally ran a parent as x86_64 and are paying an unintended perf hit across the debug session and part of this error reporting was to say "hey, you probably didn't mean to do this".

May 2 2022, 6:48 PM · Restricted Project, Restricted Project
aperez published D124814: Fix debugserver translation check for review.

I did not add unit tests because I would need to debug an x86_64 binary using an x86_64 debugserver on arm64, and was not sure if the test infrastructure allowed for that.

May 2 2022, 5:01 PM · Restricted Project, Restricted Project