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libc++ C++1z Status

In November 2014, the C++ standard committee created a draft for the next version of the C++ standard, known here as "C++1z" (probably to be C++17).

In February 2017, the C++ standard committee approved this draft, and sent it to ISO for approval as C++17

This page shows the status of libc++; the status of clang's support of the language features is here.

The groups that have contributed papers:

Paper Status

Paper #GroupPaper NameMeetingStatusFirst released version
N3911LWGTransformationTrait Alias void_t.UrbanaComplete3.6
N4089LWGSafe conversions in unique_ptr<T[]>.UrbanaIn progress3.9
N4169LWGA proposal to add invoke function templateUrbanaComplete3.7
N4190LWGRemoving auto_ptr, random_shuffle(), And Old Stuff.UrbanaIn progress
N4258LWGCleaning-up noexcept in the Library.UrbanaIn progress3.7
N4259CWGWording for std::uncaught_exceptionsUrbanaComplete3.7
N4277LWGTriviallyCopyable reference_wrapper.UrbanaComplete3.2
N4279LWGImproved insertion interface for unique-key maps.UrbanaComplete3.7
N4280LWGNon-member size() and moreUrbanaComplete3.6
N4284LWGContiguous Iterators.UrbanaComplete3.6
N4285CWGCleanup for exception-specification and throw-expression.UrbanaComplete4.0
N4387LWGimproving pair and tupleLenexaComplete4.0
N4508LWGshared_mutex for C++17LenexaComplete3.7
N4366LWGLWG 2228 missing SFINAE ruleLenexaComplete3.1
N4510LWGMinimal incomplete type support for standard containers, revision 4LenexaComplete3.6
P0004R1LWGRemove Deprecated iostreams aliases.KonaComplete3.8
P0006R0LWGAdopt Type Traits Variable Templates for C++17.KonaComplete3.8
P0092R1LWGPolishing <chrono>KonaComplete3.8
P0007R1LWGConstant View: A proposal for a std::as_const helper function template.KonaComplete3.8
P0156R0LWGVariadic lock_guard(rev 3).KonaComplete (ABI V2 Only)3.9
P0074R0LWGMaking std::owner_less more flexibleKonaComplete3.8
P0013R1LWGLogical type traits rev 2KonaComplete3.8
P0024R2LWGThe Parallelism TS Should be StandardizedJacksonville
P0226R1LWGMathematical Special Functions for C++17Jacksonville
P0220R1LWGAdopt Library Fundamentals V1 TS Components for C++17JacksonvilleIn Progress
P0218R1LWGAdopt the File System TS for C++17JacksonvilleIn Progress
P0033R1LWGRe-enabling shared_from_thisJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0005R4LWGAdopt not_fn from Library Fundamentals 2 for C++17JacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0152R1LWGconstexpr atomic::is_always_lock_freeJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0185R1LWGAdding [nothrow-]swappable traitsJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0253R1LWGFixing a design mistake in the searchers interfaceJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0025R0LWGAn algorithm to "clamp" a value between a pair of boundary valuesJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0154R1LWGconstexpr std::hardware_{constructive,destructive}_interference_sizeJacksonville
P0030R1LWGProposal to Introduce a 3-Argument Overload to std::hypotJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0031R0LWGA Proposal to Add Constexpr Modifiers to reverse_iterator, move_iterator, array and Range AccessJacksonvilleComplete4.0
P0272R1LWGGive std::string a non-const .data() member functionJacksonvilleComplete3.9
P0077R2LWGis_callable, the missing INVOKE related traitJacksonvilleComplete3.9
p0032r3LWGHomogeneous interface for variant, any and optionalOuluComplete4.0
p0040r3LWGExtending memory management toolsOuluComplete4.0
p0063r3LWGC++17 should refer to C11 instead of C99OuluNothing to don/a
p0067r3LWGElementary string conversionsOuluNow P0067R5
p0083r3LWGSplicing Maps and SetsOulu
p0084r2LWGEmplace Return TypeOuluComplete4.0
p0088r3LWGVariant: a type-safe union for C++17OuluComplete4.0
p0174r2LWGDeprecating Vestigial Library Parts in C++17Oulu
p0175r1LWGSynopses for the C libraryOulu
p0180r2LWGReserve a New Library Namespace for Future StandardizationOuluNothing to don/a
p0181r1LWGOrdered by DefaultOuluRemoved in Konan/a
p0209r2LWGmake_from_tuple: apply for constructionOuluComplete3.9
p0219r1LWGRelative Paths for FilesystemOulu
p0254r2LWGIntegrating std::string_view and std::stringOuluComplete4.0
p0295r0LWGAdopt Selected Library Fundamentals V2 Components for C++17OuluComplete4.0
p0302r1LWGRemoving Allocator Support in std::functionOuluComplete4.0
p0307r2LWGMaking Optional Greater Equal AgainOuluComplete4.0
p0336r1LWGBetter Names for Parallel Execution Policies in C++17Oulu
p0337r0LWGDelete operator= for polymorphic_allocatorOuluComplete3.9
p0346r1LWGA <random> Nomenclature TweakOuluComplete3.9
p0358r1LWGFixes for not_fnOuluComplete3.9
p0371r1LWGTemporarily discourage memory_order_consumeOuluNothing to don/a
p0392r0LWGAdapting string_view by filesystem pathsOuluComplete4.0
p0393r3LWGMaking Variant Greater EqualOuluComplete4.0
P0394r4LWGHotel Parallelifornia: terminate() for Parallel Algorithms Exception HandlingOulu
P0003R5LWGRemoving Deprecated Exception Specifications from C++17IssaquahComplete5.0
P0067R5LWGElementary string conversions, revision 5Issaquah
P0403R1LWGLiteral suffixes for basic_string_viewIssaquahComplete4.0
P0414R2LWGMerging shared_ptr changes from Library Fundamentals to C++17Issaquah
P0418R2LWGFail or succeed: there is no atomic latticeIssaquah
P0426R1LWGConstexpr for std::char_traitsIssaquahComplete4.0
P0435R1LWGResolving LWG Issues re common_typeIssaquahComplete4.0
P0502R0LWGThrowing out of a parallel algorithm terminates - but how?Issaquah
P0503R0LWGCorrecting library usage of "literal type"IssaquahComplete4.0
P0504R0LWGRevisiting in-place tag types for any/optional/variantIssaquahComplete4.0
P0505R0LWGWording for GB 50 - constexpr for chronoIssaquahComplete4.0
P0508R0LWGWording for GB 58 - structured bindings for node_handlesIssaquah
P0509R1LWGUpdating “Restrictions on exception handling”IssaquahNothing to don/a
P0510R0LWGDisallowing references, incomplete types, arrays, and empty variantsIssaquahComplete4.0
P0513R0LWGPoisoning the HashIssaquahComplete5.0
P0516R0LWGClarify That shared_future’s Copy Operations have Wide ContractsIssaquahComplete4.0
P0517R0LWGMake future_error ConstructibleIssaquahComplete4.0
P0521R0LWGProposed Resolution for CA 14 (shared_ptr use_count/unique)IssaquahNothing to don/a
P0317R1LWGDirectory Entry Caching for FilesystemKona
P0492R2LWGProposed Resolution of C++17 National Body Comments for FilesystemsKona
P0430R2LWGFile system library on non-POSIX-like operating systemsKona
P0452R1LWGUnifying <numeric> Parallel AlgorithmsKona
P0518R1LWGAllowing copies as arguments to function objects given to parallel algorithms in response to CH11Kona
P0523R1LWGWording for CH 10: Complexity of parallel algorithmsKona
P0574R1LWGAlgorithm Complexity Constraints and Parallel OverloadsKona
P0467R2LWGIterator Concerns for Parallel AlgorithmsKona
P0623R0LWGFinal C++17 Parallel Algorithms FixesKona
P0604R0LWGResolving GB 55, US 84, US 85, US 86Kona
P0607R0LWGInline Variables for the Standard LibraryKona
P0618R0LWGDeprecating <codecvt>Kona
P0156R2LWGVariadic Lock guardKona
P0599R1LWGnoexcept for hash functionsKona
P0433R2LWGToward a resolution of US7 and US14: Integrating template deduction for class templates into the standard libraryKona
P0558R1LWGResolving atomic<T> named base class inconsistenciesKona
P0548R1LWGcommon_type and durationKona

[ Note: "Nothing to do" means that no library changes were needed to implement this change -- end note]

Library Working group Issues Status

- - + +
Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus
2016Allocators must be no-throw swappableUrbanaComplete
2118unique_ptr for array does not support cv qualification conversion of actual argumentUrbanaComplete
2170Aggregates cannot be DefaultConstructibleUrbanaComplete
2308Clarify container destructor requirements w.r.t. std::arrayUrbanaComplete
2340Replacement allocation functions declared as inlineUrbanaComplete
2354Unnecessary copying when inserting into maps with braced-init syntaxUrbanaComplete
2377std::align requirements overly strictUrbanaComplete
2396underlying_type doesn't say what to do for an incomplete enumeration typeUrbanaComplete
2399shared_ptr's constructor from unique_ptr should be constrainedUrbanaComplete
2400shared_ptr's get_deleter() should use addressof()UrbanaComplete
2401std::function needs more noexceptUrbanaComplete
2404mismatch()'s complexity needs to be updatedUrbanaComplete
2408SFINAE-friendly common_type / iterator_traits is missing in C++14UrbanaComplete
2106move_iterator wrapping iterators returning prvaluesUrbanaComplete
2129User specializations of std::initializer_listUrbanaComplete
2212tuple_size for const pair request headerUrbanaComplete
2217operator==(sub_match, string) slices on embedded '\0'sUrbanaComplete
2230"see below" for initializer_list constructors of unordered containersUrbanaComplete
2233bad_function_call::what() unhelpfulUrbanaComplete
2266vector and deque have incorrect insert requirementsUrbanaComplete
2325minmax_element()'s behavior differing from max_element()'s should be notedUrbanaComplete
2361Apply 2299 resolution throughout libraryUrbanaComplete
2365Missing noexcept in shared_ptr::shared_ptr(nullptr_t)UrbanaComplete
2376bad_weak_ptr::what() overspecifiedUrbanaComplete
2387More nested types that must be accessible and unambiguousUrbanaComplete
2059C++0x ambiguity problem with map::eraseLenexaComplete
2063Contradictory requirements for string move assignmentLenexaComplete
2076Bad CopyConstructible requirement in set constructorsLenexaComplete
2160Unintended destruction ordering-specification of resizeLenexaComplete
2168Inconsistent specification of uniform_real_distribution constructorLenexaComplete
2239min/max/minmax requirementsLenexaComplete
2364deque and vector pop_back don't specify iterator invalidation requirementsLenexaComplete
2369constexpr max(initializer_list) vs max_elementLenexaComplete
2378Behaviour of standard exception typesLenexaComplete
2403stof() should call strtof() and wcstof()LenexaComplete
2406negative_binomial_distribution should reject p == 1LenexaComplete
2407packaged_task(allocator_arg_t, const Allocator&, F&&) should neither be constrained nor explicitLenexaComplete
2411shared_ptr is only contextually convertible to boolLenexaComplete
2415Inconsistency between unique_ptr and shared_ptrLenexaComplete
2420function does not discard the return value of the target objectLenexaComplete
2425operator delete(void*, size_t) doesn't invalidate pointers sufficientlyLenexaComplete
2427Container adaptors as sequence containers, reduxLenexaComplete
2428"External declaration" used without being definedLenexaComplete
2433uninitialized_copy()/etc. should tolerate overloaded operator&LenexaComplete
2434shared_ptr::use_count() is efficientLenexaComplete
2437iterator_traits::reference can and can't be voidLenexaComplete
2438std::iterator inheritance shouldn't be mandatedLenexaComplete
2439unique_copy() sometimes can't fall back to reading its outputLenexaComplete
2440seed_seq::size() should be noexceptLenexaComplete
2442call_once() shouldn't DECAY_COPY()LenexaComplete
2448Non-normative Container destructor specificationLenexaComplete
2454Add raw_storage_iterator::base() memberLenexaComplete
2455Allocator default construction should be allowed to throwLenexaComplete
2458N3778 and new library deallocation signaturesLenexaComplete
2459std::polar should require a non-negative rhoLenexaComplete
2464try_emplace and insert_or_assign misspecifiedLenexaComplete
2467is_always_equal has slightly inconsistent defaultLenexaComplete
2470Allocator's destroy function should be allowed to fail to instantiateLenexaComplete
2482[c.strings] Table 73 mentions nonexistent functionsLenexaComplete
2488Placeholders should be allowed and encouraged to be constexprLenexaComplete
1169num_get not fully compatible with strto*KonaComplete
2072Unclear wording about capacity of temporary buffersKonaComplete
2101Some transformation types can produce impossible typesKonaComplete
2111Which unexpected/terminate handler is called from the exception handling runtime?KonaComplete
2119Missing hash specializations for extended integer typesKonaComplete
2127Move-construction with raw_storage_iteratorKonaComplete
2133Attitude to overloaded comma for iteratorsKonaComplete
2156Unordered containers' reserve(n) reserves for n-1 elementsKonaComplete
2218Unclear how containers use allocator_traits::construct()KonaComplete
2219INVOKE-ing a pointer to member with a reference_wrapper as the object expressionKonaComplete
2224Ambiguous status of access to non-live objectsKonaComplete
2234assert() should allow usage in constant expressionsKonaComplete
2244Issue on basic_istream::seekgKonaComplete
2250Follow-up On Library Issue 2207KonaComplete
2259Issues in rules for member functionsKonaComplete
2273regex_match ambiguityKona
2336is_trivially_constructible/is_trivially_assignable traits are always falseKonaComplete
2353std::next is over-constrainedKonaComplete
2367pair and tuple are not correctly implemented for is_constructible with no argsKonaComplete
2380May <cstdlib> provide long ::abs(long) and long long ::abs(long long)?KonaComplete
2384Allocator's deallocate function needs better specificationKonaComplete
2385function::assign allocator argument doesn't make senseKonaComplete
2435reference_wrapper::operator()'s Remark should be deletedKonaComplete
2447Allocators and volatile-qualified value typesKonaComplete
2462std::ios_base::failure is overspecifiedKonaComplete
2466allocator_traits::max_size() default behavior is incorrectKonaComplete
2469Wrong specification of Requires clause of operator[] for map and unordered_mapKonaComplete
2473basic_filebuf's relation to C FILE semanticsKonaComplete
2476scoped_allocator_adaptor is not assignableKonaComplete
2477Inconsistency of wordings in std::vector::erase() and std::deque::erase()KonaComplete
2483throw_with_nested() should use is_finalKonaComplete
2484rethrow_if_nested() is doubly unimplementableKonaComplete
2485get() should be overloaded for const tuple&&KonaComplete
2486mem_fn() should be required to use perfect forwardingKonaComplete
2487bind() should be const-overloaded, not cv-overloadedKonaComplete
2489mem_fn() should be noexceptKonaComplete
2492Clarify requirements for compKonaComplete
2495There is no such thing as an Exception Safety elementKonaComplete
2192Validity and return type of std::abs(0u) is unclearJacksonville
2276Missing requirement on std::promise::set_exceptionJacksonvilleComplete
2296std::addressof should be constexprJacksonvilleComplete (Clang Only)
2450(greater|less|greater_equal|less_equal)<void> do not yield a total order for pointersJacksonvilleComplete
2520N4089 broke initializing unique_ptr<T[]> from a nullptrJacksonvilleComplete
2522[fund.ts.v2] Contradiction in set_default_resource specificationJacksonvilleComplete
2523std::promise synopsis shows two set_value_at_thread_exit()'s for no apparent reasonJacksonvilleComplete
2537Constructors for priority_queue taking allocators should call make_heapJacksonvilleComplete
2539[fund.ts.v2] invocation_trait definition definition doesn't work for surrogate call functionsJacksonville
2545Simplify wording for bind without explicitly specified return typeJacksonvilleComplete
2557Logical operator traits are broken in the zero-argument caseJacksonvilleComplete
2558[fund.ts.v2] Logical operator traits are broken in the zero-argument caseJacksonvilleComplete
2559Error in LWG 2234's resolutionJacksonvilleComplete
2560is_constructible underspecified when applied to a function typeJacksonvilleBroken in 3.6; See r261653.
2565std::function's move constructor should guarantee nothrow for reference_wrappers and function pointersJacksonvilleComplete
2566Requirements on the first template parameter of container adaptorsJacksonvilleComplete
2571§[map.modifiers]/2 imposes nonsensical requirement on insert(InputIterator, InputIterator)JacksonvilleComplete
2572The remarks for shared_ptr::operator* should apply to cv-qualified void as wellJacksonvilleComplete
2574[fund.ts.v2] std::experimental::function::operator=(F&&) should be constrainedJacksonville
2575[fund.ts.v2] experimental::function::assign should be removedJacksonville
2576istream_iterator and ostream_iterator should use std::addressofJacksonvilleComplete
2577{shared,unique}_lock should use std::addressofJacksonvilleComplete
2579Inconsistency wrt Allocators in basic_string assignment vs. basic_string::assignJacksonvilleComplete
2581Specialization of <type_traits> variable templates should be prohibitedJacksonvilleComplete
2582§[res.on.functions]/2's prohibition against incomplete types shouldn't apply to type traitsJacksonvilleComplete
2583There is no way to supply an allocator for basic_string(str, pos)JacksonvilleComplete
2585forward_list::resize(size_type, const value_type&) effects incorrectJacksonvilleComplete
2586Wrong value category used in scoped_allocator_adaptor::construct()Jacksonville
2590Aggregate initialization for std::arrayJacksonvilleComplete
2181Exceptions from seed sequence operationsOuluComplete
2309mutex::lock() should not throw device_or_resource_busyOuluComplete
2310Public exposition only member in std::arrayOuluComplete
2312tuple's constructor constraints need to be phrased more preciselyOuluComplete
2328Rvalue stream extraction should use perfect forwardingOuluComplete
2393std::function's Callable definition is brokenOuluComplete
2422std::numeric_limits<T>::is_modulo description: "most machines" errataOuluComplete
2426Issue about compare_exchangeOulu
2436Comparators for associative containers should always be CopyConstructibleOuluComplete
2441Exact-width atomic typedefs should be providedOuluComplete
2451[fund.ts.v2] optional should 'forward' T's implicit conversionsOulu
2509[fund.ts.v2] any_cast doesn't work with rvalue reference targets and cannot move with a value targetOuluComplete
2516[fund.ts.v2] Public "exposition only" members in observer_ptrOulu
2542Missing const requirements for associative containersOulu
2549Tuple EXPLICIT constructor templates that take tuple parameters end up taking references to temporaries and will create dangling referencesOuluComplete
2550Wording of unordered container's clear() method complexityOuluComplete
2551[fund.ts.v2] "Exception safety" cleanup in library fundamentals requiredOuluComplete
2555[fund.ts.v2] No handling for over-aligned types in optionalOuluComplete
2573[fund.ts.v2] std::hash<std::experimental::shared_ptr> does not work for arraysOulu
2596vector::data() should use addressofOuluComplete
2667path::root_directory() description is confusingOuluComplete
2669recursive_directory_iterator effects refers to non-existent functionsOuluComplete
2670system_complete refers to undefined variable 'base'OuluComplete
2671Errors in CopyOuluComplete
2673status() effects cannot be implemented as specifiedOuluComplete
2674Bidirectional iterator requirement on path::iterator is very expensiveOuluComplete
2683filesystem::copy() says "no effects"OuluComplete
2684priority_queue lacking comparator typedefOuluComplete
2685shared_ptr deleters must not throw on move constructionOuluComplete
2687{inclusive,exclusive}_scan misspecifiedOulu
2688clamp misses preconditions and has extraneous condition on resultOuluComplete
2689Parallel versions of std::copy and std::move shouldn't be in orderOulu
2698Effect of assign() on iterators/pointers/referencesOuluComplete
2704recursive_directory_iterator's members should require '*this is dereferenceable'OuluComplete
2706Error reporting for recursive_directory_iterator::pop() is under-specifiedOuluComplete
2707path construction and assignment should have "string_type&&" overloadsOuluComplete
2709offsetof is unnecessarily impreciseOulu
2710"Effects: Equivalent to ..." doesn't count "Synchronization:" as determined semanticsOuluComplete
2711path is convertible from approximately everything under the sunOuluComplete
2716Specification of shuffle and sample disallows lvalue URNGsOuluComplete
2718Parallelism bug in [algorithms.parallel.exec] p2Oulu
2719permissions function should not be noexcept due to narrow contractOuluComplete
2720permissions function incorrectly specified for symlinksOuluComplete
2721remove_all has incorrect post conditionsOuluComplete
2723Do directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator become the end iterator upon error?OuluComplete
2724The protected virtual member functions of memory_resource should be privateOulu
2725filesystem::exists(const path&, error_code&) error reportingOuluComplete
2726[recursive_]directory_iterator::increment(error_code&) is underspecifiedOuluComplete
2727Parallel algorithms with constexpr specifierOulu
2728status(p).permissions() and symlink_status(p).permissions() are not specifiedOuluComplete
2062Effect contradictions w/o no-throw guarantee of std::function swapsIssaquahComplete
2166Heap property underspecified?Issaquah
2221No formatted output operator for nullptrIssaquah
2223shrink_to_fit effect on iterator validityIssaquahComplete
2261Are containers required to use their 'pointer' type internally?Issaquah
2394locale::name specification unclear - what is implementation-defined?IssaquahComplete
2460LWG issue 2408 and value categoriesIssaquahComplete
2468Self-move-assignment of library typesIssaquah
2475Allow overwriting of std::basic_string terminator with charT() to allow cleaner interoperation with legacy APIsIssaquahComplete
2503multiline option should be added to syntax_option_typeIssaquah
2510Tag types should not be DefaultConstructibleIssaquah
2514Type traits must not be finalIssaquahComplete
2518[fund.ts.v2] Non-member swap for propagate_const should call member swapIssaquah
2519Iterator operator-= has gratuitous undefined behaviourIssaquahComplete
2521[fund.ts.v2] weak_ptr's converting move constructor should be modified as well for array supportIssaquah
2525[fund.ts.v2] get_memory_resource should be const and noexceptIssaquah
2527[fund.ts.v2] ALLOCATOR_OF for function::operator= has incorrect defaultIssaquah
2531future::get should explicitly state that the shared state is releasedIssaquah
2534Constrain rvalue stream operatorsIssaquah
2536What should <complex.h> do?IssaquahComplete
2540unordered_multimap::insert hint iteratorIssaquahComplete
2543LWG 2148 (hash support for enum types) seems under-specifiedIssaquahComplete
2544istreambuf_iterator(basic_streambuf* s) effects unclear when s is 0IssaquahComplete
2556Wide contract for future::share()IssaquahComplete
2562Consistent total ordering of pointers by comparison functorsIssaquah
2567Specification of logical operator traits uses BaseCharacteristic, which is defined only for UnaryTypeTraits and BinaryTypeTraitsIssaquahComplete
2568[fund.ts.v2] Specification of logical operator traits uses BaseCharacteristic, which is defined only for UnaryTypeTraits and BinaryTypeTraitsIssaquah
2569conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strictIssaquahComplete
2570[fund.ts.v2] conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strictIssaquah
2578Iterator requirements should reference iterator traitsIssaquahComplete
2584 ECMAScript IdentityEscape is ambiguousIssaquah
2588[fund.ts.v2] "Convertible to bool" requirement in conjunction and disjunctionIssaquah
2589match_results can't satisfy the requirements of a containerIssaquahComplete
2591std::function's member template target() should not lead to undefined behaviourIssaquah
2598addressof works on temporariesIssaquahComplete
2664operator/ (and other append) semantics not useful if argument has rootIssaquahComplete
2665remove_filename() post condition is incorrectIssaquahComplete
2672Should is_empty use error_code in its specification?IssaquahComplete
2678std::filesystem enum classes overspecifiedIssaquahComplete
2679Inconsistent Use of Effects and Equivalent ToIssaquahComplete
2680Add "Equivalent to" to filesystemIssaquahComplete
2681filesystem::copy() cannot copy symlinksIssaquahComplete
2682filesystem::copy() won't create a symlink to a directoryIssaquahComplete
2686Why is std::hash specialized for error_code, but not error_condition?IssaquahComplete
2694Application of LWG 436 accidentally deleted definition of "facet"IssaquahComplete
2696Interaction between make_shared and enable_shared_from_this is underspecifiedIssaquah
2699Missing restriction in [numeric.requirements]IssaquahComplete
2712copy_file(from, to, ...) has a number of unspecified error conditionsIssaquahComplete
2722equivalent incorrectly specifies throws clauseIssaquahComplete
2729Missing SFINAE on std::pair::operator=Issaquah
2732Questionable specification of path::operator/= and path::appendIssaquahComplete
2733[fund.ts.v2] gcd / lcm and boolIssaquahComplete
2735std::abs(short), std::abs(signed char) and others should return int instead of double in order to be compatible with C++98 and CIssaquah
2736nullopt_t insufficiently constrainedIssaquahComplete
2738is_constructible with void typesIssaquahComplete
2739Issue with time_point non-member subtraction with an unsigned durationIssaquahComplete
2740constexpr optional::operator->IssaquahComplete
2742Inconsistent string interface taking string_viewIssaquahComplete
2744any's in_place constructorsIssaquahComplete
2745[fund.ts.v2] Implementability of LWG 2451Issaquah
2747Possibly redundant std::move in [alg.foreach]IssaquahComplete
2748swappable traits for optionalsIssaquahComplete
2749swappable traits for variantsIssaquahComplete
2750[fund.ts.v2] LWG 2451 conversion constructor constraintIssaquah
2752"Throws:" clauses of async and packaged_task are unimplementableIssaquah
2755[string.view.io] uses non-existent basic_string_view::to_string functionIssaquahComplete
2756C++ WP optional should 'forward' T's implicit conversionsIssaquahComplete
2758std::string{}.assign("ABCDE", 0, 1) is ambiguousIssaquahComplete
2759gcd / lcm and bool for the WPIssaquahComplete
2760non-const basic_string::data should not invalidate iteratorsIssaquahComplete
2765Did LWG 1123 go too far?IssaquahComplete
2767not_fn call_wrapper can form invalid typesIssaquahComplete
2769Redundant const in the return type of any_cast(const any&)IssaquahComplete
2771Broken Effects of some basic_string::compare functions in terms of basic_string_viewIssaquahComplete
2773Making std::ignore constexprIssaquahComplete
2777basic_string_view::copy should use char_traits::copyIssaquahComplete
2778basic_string_view is missing constexprIssaquahComplete
2260Missing requirement for Allocator::pointerKona
2676Provide filesystem::path overloads for File-based streamsKona
2768any_cast and move semanticsKona
2769Redundant const in the return type of any_cast(const any&)Kona
2768any_cast and move semanticsKonaComplete
2769Redundant const in the return type of any_cast(const any&)KonaComplete
2781Contradictory requirements for std::function and std::reference_wrapperKona
2782scoped_allocator_adaptor constructors must be constrainedKona
2784Resolution to LWG 2484 is missing "otherwise, no effects" and is hard to parseKona
2785quoted should work with basic_string_viewKona
2786Annex C should mention shared_ptr changes for array supportKona
2787§[file_status.cons] doesn't match class definitionKona
2788basic_string range mutators unintentionally require a default constructible allocatorKona
2789Equivalence of contained objectsKona
2790Missing specification of istreambuf_iterator::operator->Kona
2794Missing requirements for allocator pointersKona
2795§[global.functions] provides incorrect example of ADL useKona
2796tuple should be a literal typeKona
2801Default-constructibility of unique_ptrKona
2802shared_ptr constructor requirements for a deleterKona
2804Unconditional constexpr default constructor for istream_iteratorKona
2806Base class of bad_optional_accessKona
2807std::invoke should use std::is_nothrow_callableKona
2812Range access is available with <string_view>Kona
2824list::sort should say that the order of elements is unspecified if an exception is thrownKona
2826string_view iterators use old wordingKona
2834Resolution LWG 2223 is missing wording about end iteratorsKona
2835LWG 2536 seems to misspecify <tgmath.h>Kona
2837gcd and lcm should support a wider range of input valuesKona
2838is_literal_type specification needs a little cleanupKona
2842in_place_t check for optional::optional(U&&) should decay UKona
2850std::function move constructor does unnecessary workKona
2853Possible inconsistency in specification of erase in [vector.modifiers]Kona
2857{variant,optional,any}::emplace should return the constructed valueKona
2861basic_string should require that charT match traits::char_typeKona
2866Incorrect derived classes constraintsKona
2868Missing specification of bad_any_cast::what()Kona
2872Add definition for direct-non-list-initializationKona
2873Add noexcept to several shared_ptr related functionsKona
2874Constructor shared_ptr::shared_ptr(Y*) should be constrainedKona
2875shared_ptr::shared_ptr(Y*, D, […]) constructors should be constrainedKona
2876shared_ptr::shared_ptr(const weak_ptr<Y>&) constructor should be constrainedKona
2878Missing DefaultConstructible requirement for istream_iterator default constructorKona
2890The definition of 'object state' applies only to class typesKona
2900The copy and move constructors of optional are not constexprKona
2903The form of initialization for the emplace-constructors is not specifiedKona
2904Make variant move-assignment more exception safeKona
2905is_constructible_v<unique_ptr<P, D>, P, D const &> should be false when D is not copy constructibleKona
2908The less-than operator for shared pointers could do moreKona
2911An is_aggregate type trait is neededKona
2921packaged_task and type-erased allocatorsKona
2934optional<const T> doesn't compare with TKona

Last Updated: 6-Mar-2017