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Apr 11 2023

xiaoqili added a comment to D142839: [AMDGPU] Avoid using tuple where pair does suffice.

Same issue happened on Android prebuilt clang 8 in NDK20. Seem it's having a stricter rule for deduction the template arguments.
Root cause should be the different definition of AssemblerDirectiveBegin/AssemblerDirectiveEnd.
It's defined as "const char * ......"in std::tie which is the left value.
But the right value which in HSAMD::V3 and HSAMD:: it's defined as "constexpr char ......[]".
Tried to make it defined as "const char * ......" in HSAMD::V3 and HSAMD in local, it can pass for this error(just a test I don't think it's the right fix).

Apr 11 2023, 9:54 AM ยท Restricted Project, Restricted Project, Restricted Project