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aarch64 crash 1

Authored by dmajor on Oct 8 2018, 7:52 AM.
(1f68.20e8): Illegal instruction - code c000001d (first chance)
(1f68.20e8): Illegal instruction - code c000001d (!!! second chance !!!)
00000352`f36acc10 d36ffc50 lsr xip0,x2,#0x2F
0:037> u @pc-0x20 L0x20
00000352`f36acbf0 d65f03c0 ret
00000352`f36acbf4 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acbf8 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acbfc 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acc00 adc866a0 ldp q0,q25,[x21,#0x100]!
00000352`f36acc04 000001fb ???
00000352`f36acc08 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acc0c 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acc10 d36ffc50 lsr xip0,x2,#0x2F
00000352`f36acc14 12a000f1 mov wip1,#-0x70001
00000352`f36acc18 6b513e1f cmp wip0,wip1 lsr #0xF
00000352`f36acc1c 54000200 beq 00000352`f36acc5c
00000352`f36acc20 d36ffc50 lsr xip0,x2,#0x2F
00000352`f36acc24 529fff71 mov wip1,#0xFFFB
00000352`f36acc28 6b11061f cmp wip0,wip1 lsl #1
00000352`f36acc2c 54000180 beq 00000352`f36acc5c
00000352`f36acc30 d36ffc50 lsr xip0,x2,#0x2F
00000352`f36acc34 321e3bf1 mov wip1,#0x1FFFC
00000352`f36acc38 6b11021f cmp wip0,wip1
00000352`f36acc3c 54000100 beq 00000352`f36acc5c
00000352`f36acc40 d36ffc50 lsr xip0,x2,#0x2F
00000352`f36acc44 528fffb1 mov wip1,#0x7FFD
00000352`f36acc48 6b110a1f cmp wip0,wip1 lsl #2
00000352`f36acc4c 54000080 beq 00000352`f36acc5c
00000352`f36acc50 f9400529 ldr x9,[x9,#8]
00000352`f36acc54 f9400130 ldr xip0,[x9]
00000352`f36acc58 d61f0200 br xip0
00000352`f36acc5c 9100039f mov sp,x28
00000352`f36acc60 d65f03c0 ret
00000352`f36acc64 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acc68 00000000 ???
00000352`f36acc6c 00000000 ???

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