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Herald H1006

Clan Tidy - PiotrZSL - My Checks


Rule Type
Applies To
Differential Revisions


When any of these conditions are met:

Affected files contains NonZeroEnumToBoolConversionCheck
Affected files contains non-zero-enum-to-bool-conversion
Affected files contains OperatorsRepresentationCheck
Affected files contains operators-representation
Affected files contains AvoidUnconditionalPreprocessorIfCheck
Affected files contains avoid-unconditional-preprocessor-if

Take these actions the first time this rule matches:

Add rule author as blocking reviewer.
Send an email to rule author.

Event Timeline

PiotrZSL created this object.May 4 2023, 10:40 AM
PiotrZSL edited this rule. (Show Details)
PiotrZSL renamed this rule from Clan Tidy - My Checks to Clan Tidy - PiotrZSL - My Checks.May 4 2023, 10:43 AM
PiotrZSL edited this rule. (Show Details)