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Sat, Feb 29, 2:16 AM

Index: lld/trunk/MinGW/Driver.cpp
--- lld/trunk/MinGW/Driver.cpp
+++ lld/trunk/MinGW/Driver.cpp
@@ -6,9 +6,27 @@
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
-/// GNU ld style linker driver for COFF currently supporting mingw-w64.
+// MinGW is a GNU development environment for Windows. It consists of GNU
+// tools such as GCC and GNU ld. Unlike Cygwin, there's no POSIX-compatible
+// layer, as it aims to be a native development toolchain.
+// lld/MinGW is a drop-in replacement for GNU ld/MinGW.
+// Being a native development tool, a MinGW linker is not very different from
+// Microsoft link.exe, so a MinGW linker can be implemented as a thin wrapper
+// for lld/COFF. This driver takes Unix-ish command line options, translates
+// them to Windows-ish ones, and then passes them to lld/COFF.
+// When this driver calls the lld/COFF driver, it passes a hidden option
+// "-lldmingw" along with other user-supplied options, to run the lld/COFF
+// linker in "MinGW mode".
+// There are subtle differences between MS link.exe and GNU ld/MinGW, and GNU
+// ld/MinGW implements a few GNU-specific features. Such features are directly
+// implemented in lld/COFF and enabled only when the linker is running in MinGW
+// mode.
#include "lld/Common/Driver.h"

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