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Task Team Synchronization Fix

Authored by jlpeyton on May 20 2015, 3:45 PM.



The fix syncs up the new threads to have the same task_state and task_team as the old threads. The master thread is skipped, because it shouldn't at this point have the team's task_team value yet -- it should still have parent_team's task_team. It gets pointed at the new team's task_team later, after __kmp_allocate_team returns, and the master has stored a memo of it's old task_state.

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See comment in code.


This has a bug that was fixed later. Just take the two lines from the loop below, and add them to the loop above, after the call to __kmp_initialize_info. Then the comment and (now empty) loop below can be removed.

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Addressed Terry's comment.

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Committed revision 237916.

I forgot to mention the Differential Revision in commit message.